18.2 Million Women Raped in United States


RapeUSA promotes women protection around the globe but yet failed to protect women in USA. Sexual Harassment in United States has become quite common with statistics which are alarming.

In every 2 minutes an American woman is sexually assaulted, on average there are 288,820 of rape and sexual assaults victim in US each year. This figure does not include girls under 12.

15% of these victims are school going children aging between 12 to 17.

One out of 6 women in US have been raped or faced attempted rate, to conclude 15% of US women are raped at least once while 3% faced attempted rape.

As of 1998 there were 17.7 million American women who have been through the horror of rape at least once in their life, adding the victims of last years takes the figure to 18.2 millions. It is also reported that as of 1998 2.78 million men were raped.


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