Delicious Peek Freans Cake-Up Reminds You Of Childhood

PEEK-FREANS-CAKE-UP commercial scene

Delicious Peek Freans Cake-Up reminds you of your childhood because of its spongy cake and delicious dropping flavours. This yummy flavour will make you forget everything else.

The Cake-ups are available in 4 different flavours are each is so delicious that you will have difficulty in deciding which one tastes better. The available flavours are:

  • Chocolate
  • Double Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Caramel

From a young age, I have loved chocolate cakes so among the four flavours my favourite one is double chocolate, try this and it will make your mouth watering.

This new addition to Pakistan’s food industry is something which you must try without any delay no matter what your age is.

Usually cakes are preferred by kids & teenagers but if you try Peek Freans Cake-up you will also love cake-ups.

The centre filling of these cakes is not made form artificial flavors but is made from real fruit giving you a taste never experienced before.

The commercial of Peek Freans is also unique showing love & bonding between a mother and son.

Another aspect around which story of the commercial rotates is role of a mother to teach and build the character of the child.

#RealRishtey are the true colours of our life which we should always care for no matter how busy our schedule and life is.

Friends and family members are also challenging each other with #CakeUpChallenge.


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