Dolmen Mall Mother’s Day Moments

[KARACHI: MAY 1, 2015] Dolmen Mall, Karachi’s go-to shopping destination, celebrated Mother’s Day this year by putting on a three day gala (8th May to 10th May) called Mother’s Day Moments. Mother’s Day Moments was a celebration in honor of a mother’s love; it gave mothers and their loved ones the opportunity to shop, take pictures, and enjoy the atmosphere that had been created.

The photo booth and special DJ dedication booth proved very popular, with people lining up to give shoutouts to their mothers. In addition to that, there were other diverse activities and offers arranged at stores all across the Mall, all to create special bonding opportunities.

Mr. Adnan Maqbool, General Manager Marketing for Dolmen Malls said, “Mother’s Day at Dolmen Mall is about having a memorable experience with your mother – and spend some quality time with her shopping, dining out and generally creating those special moments one cherishes forever.”


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