Haleeb Foods Donates PKR 1 Million to Master Ayub in a Bid to Promote Education

Haleeb Foods Donates PKR 1 Million to Master Ayub in a Bid to Promote Education

Haleeb Foods (HFL) one of the pioneer dairy and beverages company of Pakistan delivers PKR 1 million financial assistance collected through its social-development initiative “Donate to Educate – Agay Barhay Ga Pakistan”. To support Free of Cost Education for children of underprivileged communities, Haleeb had partnered with Master Ayub for this cause. For the past 30 years, Master Ayub has been educating street children, Free of Cost, in a Park-School, in Islamabad.

With a pledge to provide financial assistance to Master Ayub, to support his selfled cause, Haleeb initiated a campaign to donate 3 rupees, per liter pack purchased by a consumer. This donation of PKR 1 million from HFL is aimed to assist Master Ayub in accomplishing his lifelong dream of making proper schooling and its associated expenses absolutely free for his pupil.

Farah Asim, Head of Corporate Communications at Haleeb Foods added, “We strongly believe that an educated youth promises a brighter future for Pakistan. Our association with Master Ayub gave us a unique sense of pride with each step we took in the direction. Being a Pakistani company we hope to inspire every resourceful business entity and individual to support the cause of education, Parhay ga Pakistan to aagay barhay ga Pakistan.”

While receiving the donation cheque Master Ayub said “It is a moment of utmost happiness for me and these children who sit on the ground and are yet so keen to learn. HFL is the first business entity that has approached me in these 30 years with a proper plan to support a cause that is so close to my heart. The excitement that the children and I share as of now has no match, as my lifelong dream of empowering our children comes true.”

Belonging to a poor family, Master Ayub lost his parents at a young age. However, he worked very hard, to study along with the responsibility of rearing his 5 brothers and 3 sisters who are all well-educated now. With his limited resources he has created a free-school for poor children, where he also gives them free books and copies. Over the decades, thousands of children have studied in this school to get into respectable employment or businesses, while others are getting higher education in colleges or universities.

The students and their parents express their gratitude and prayers for Master Ayub, who has transformed their lives. They believe that; Haleeb kay Saath – Agay Barhay Ga Pakistan. Many students are inspired to follow their great teacher’s footsteps.  


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