Jazz Continues to be the Undisputed Leader of Pakistan’s Telecom Industry

Jazz Continues to be the Undisputed Leader of Pakistan’s Telecom Industry

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has further cemented its position as the undisputed telecom industry leader with a massive on-net family of more than 62 million subscribers including 18.2 million Super 4G users.

Ever since the launch of Jazz Super 4G in February 2018, the company has recorded phenomenal growth in its 4G user base, proving Jazz to be the best in class with the fastest 4G in Pakistan – an achievement certified by Ookla four times in a row, an independent global leader in internet testing[2]. Recently, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s (PTA) Quality of Service survey, also confirmed Jazz’s network as the best in data quality, thereby, establishing the progressive and exponential growth in quality and speed of Jazz’s cellular services. 

As Pakistan’s No. 1 network of choice serving over 40 million 3G and 4G data users, Jazz is leading the country’s digital revolution with every third Pakistani now a Jazz subscriber. With a prodigious legacy of over 25 years and an expansive line of innovative product offerings that provide everyday communications and financial solutions to millions nationwide, Jazz celebrates being ‘HameshaSeyNo1’. With its unparalleled spectrum holding and technically superior network, Jazz continues to dominate the industry with the fastest and undisputed data speeds, which is why Jazz data is not just any 4G, it is Jazz Super 4G. 

“We take pride in pioneering innovation in the country and bringing new technologies to provide a more efficient digital lifestyle to the people of our country. We will continue to spearhead this digital revolution, and build a larger community of more connected, empowered individuals,” comments Jazz CEO, Aamir Ibrahim.

As a brand, Jazz has always stayed true to its tradition of groundbreaking excellence in service and technology. The brand’s mantra ‘Dunya ko Bata Do’ itself embodies a message of security, reliability, and an urge to reach out, connect, and engage. With more than 80% – 4G ready network and staunch support towards digitizing various aspects of the customer’s life, Jazz continues to bring unparalleled efficiency and convenience to its valued customers.


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