After Kashmir we will liberate Delhi – Kashmiri Fighter

In a Newly released video Kashmiri Fighters had said that after Kashmir they will liberate Delhi.

Indian media declared this as Pakistani Propaganda by Pakistani funded militants.

But finally they accepted that Kashmiri fighters have local support. In reality Kashmiri insurgency is a local resistance movement against repressive Indian Occupation.

There was no need of 700,000 Indian military force if the local population supported India.

From 1987 India has killed 80,000 Kashmiris, around 10,000 people are missing from Kashmir. Human rights violations are a norm in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Recent uprising started after Kashmiri Fighter Burhan Wani was martyred by Indian forces. During these three months 110 protestors were killed by Indian forces, 15000 were injured, 4000 were arrested and around 750 lost their eyes because of pellet guns.

For Video Click Here: Video

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