OLX Motors offers on-spot car inspection at Packages Auto Show in Lahore

Lahore: OLX Motors made waves in Packages Auto Show (organized by Cars of Pakistan) this Sunday by offering on-spot car inspection services with generous discounts.

Customers were not required to make appointments and were served on a first come first serve basis. They could also purchase the discounted service for a later day.

Motors Car Inspection Service has been a real game-changer in the buying and selling of used cars.

A full inspection of the vehicle determines its condition, value, prior repairs, and malfunctions. With true knowledge of the condition of the vehicle, OLX Motors Car Inspection verification helps sellers be in a better bargaining position.

This transparency also helps the buyers by relieving them of the worry of scams. For more information, visit: https://olxcarpro.com/

“We offer a physical inspection of the vehicle to determine its roadworthiness.” Said the OLX Motors Marketing Manager, Ms. Afia Shah.

“With the influx of cars and the increasing traffic in recent years, vehicle tests are a need of the hour. With our service, customers are provided with a comprehensive point-based inspection report that helps them discover (their) vehicle’s health!”

Apart from inspection service, visitors were welcomed at the stall to learn more or simply interact with OLX Motors experts. Fun freebies and web vouchers were also gifted to those who engaged.

“We’re happy to be in a place that’s dominated by car enthusiasts. We are hoping that we’re able to communicate the importance of inspection and demonstrate the benefits of preventative maintenance.” Added the OLX Motors Head of Inspections, Mr. Utba Asim.

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