QMobile Benefited Pakistani Awaam The Most!!!

QMobile is the brand which almost every third Pakistani have. Their low prices phone has captured the market all over Pakistan and those who can’t afford smart phones now have smart phones. Their everyphone is hit as salesman in mobile market says.

If one goes to any mobile market in Karachi the seller and buyer always talk about QMobile option as they have many models and all have a wide range.

QMobile has more than 60% market share in Pakistan’s smartphone industry and that is more than double of its nearest competitor brand.

Almost all the stars of Pakistan (i.e. Actors, Cricketers) have come in their commercial. Big celebrities from India have also featured in QMobile TVC.

Price is the real factor that has helped QMobile in taking lead. However the feature set of its all products is also very attractive.

For Pakistan where buying smart phones by most of the people was a hurdle because of cost issue now QMobile played a key role in changing dynamics.

In coming time it is for sure that QMobile will capture the market more and this will create healthy competition.

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