Ramzan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem !!!

Ramzan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem: I went to couple of Medressah’s to learn Quran – early 70’s. One used to pronounce Waladuallin and other Walazuallin. I grew up with both pronunciations. To many mosques have been to, heard Imam’s using one or the other. However I stayed a “Ramzan Mubarak”
guy all my life.

Then I moved to Gulf in 2008. Every soul started greeting me with Ramadan Kareem. I started reciprocating the same way. Just like in west if someone says Hi, I would reciprocate with Hello or Hi and not by Walaikum Assalam. To dismay of many I became a convert and was now a “Ramadan Kareem Guy”. I came back to Pakistan in 2013 and without being too bothered continued with Ramadan Kareem.

Till I realised boy, this is a matter of life and death to many. This is a battle of right vs wrong, angel vs Satan. I started fearing for my life and before someone could stone me to serious injuries (not using death as have a feeling they would want me to live to face the consequence and pain fir calling Ramadan Kareem),

I willingly, happily, quietly, unwittingly moved back to Ramzan Mubarak. I am a born again Ramzan Mubarak guy. Wohoooo. But I used to Fast then, I Fast now. I was happy then, I am happy now. It did not matter a bit to me either way. Does not change my belief, my love, my thought process towards anything. Hapoy either way.

So if you are a Ramzan Mubarak Guy, I love you. If you are a Ramadan Kareem guy, I love you too – for you follow a teaching of Islam by keeping fast. What is in a pronunciation. Americans say Skedual. British – Schedule. Means the same. To all those who think saying Ramadan Kareem is a matter of life and death, my sincere advise – please go get a life and chill out.

Via Veqar Islam

Very well explained.

As a nation, we love to engage ourselves in useless debates like ramazan vs ramadan
Karachi vs lahore
8rakat vs 20 rakat
and most of them belong to religious issues.

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