Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak Commercial: Connecting The Young & The Old

Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak Commercial: Connecting The Young & The Old

This Eid Rooh Afza launched an extended version of their Ramzan commercial which received appreciation from all people. It was because of the cultural reflection that the advertisement received enormous support.

Rooh Afza have been part of our life from many years, we have seen our parents and they probably have seen their parents buying, preparing and serving Rooh Afza. This is why it is also known as ‘Mashroob-e-Mashriq’.

Rooh Afza is not only saving these historical ties but is making them even stronger. The Eid commercial is a reflection of Rooh Afza’s intention of promoting our cultural values which are based on unity, love and respect.

In the advertisement the grandfather and grandchild are once again seen celebrating their Eid. They prayed their namaz, wished each other Eid Mubarak, gave Eidi and enjoyed dessert.

The greatest thing about this commercial is that we all can connect with it. We all remember how our family enjoyed Rooh Afza in ramzan & eid, how we prayed Namaz together and how as young kids we loved to receive the Eidi.

This commercial is a way not only to connect with our memories but it is also a way to transfer these memories to the new generation. To summarize the commercial I would say it connects the younger generation with the old.


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