Who Took Away The Hajar Aswad From Makkah?

Many few Muslims know that Hajar Aswad (Black Stone) of Kaaba was stolen for a brief period after a war. Abu Tahir al-Qarmati who was the leader of people of Hajar (Bahrain) took it to their city but later it was returned.

It was returned after 23 years after the Caliph paid a huge amount to the leader of Hajar, it is said that sending an army meant losing the Black stone forever that’s why army was not sent against the leader of Hajar.

When the Stone was again brought to Makkah many citizens who were familiar with Hajar  Aswad came to inspect and verify that the black stone was the real one.

Scholars also quote a hadith from Prophet (Pbuh) in which it was prophesized that this stone will remain till the Day of Judgment.

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