Pak Brands is one of the leading online publishing house with hallmark innovation and originality. We deal in marketing of brands and services with professional management.

Pak Brands was set up in 2014 to provide one window solution for organizations to market their brands and services with relevant news and information to the potential customers. Since then we have become credible resources for online marketers and shoppers with numerous reviews, articles, advertising database and useful feedback of researchers with cutting edge analysis.

We offer research agencies, publication houses, professionals and students online interactive modules where they can share information, learn from experiences and talk about business.

We Deal in

Brand Content Writing

We have minds that can create innovative and appealing brand content to attract potential customers.

Content Database

Ever increasing data which ranges from television commercials, radio commercials, and various marketing campaigns in electronic and print are properly catalogued to facilitate our customers for research purposes.

PR Solutions

This covers launching of new product, issuing informative brochure concerning product or service, covering events and running promotional campaigns

Analytical Solution

We conduct analysis based on surveys, ratings, graphical information etc which can enable marketing managers to take decisions.

Industry Directory

All the relevant information of marketing, media and advertising companies with complete profiles, history, their respective products details and area of expertise and successful campaigns.

Social Media Campaign Management

We also deal in endorsement of brands and services in specially designed format on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and various others. With experienced team of content writers, SEO specialists, social media experts and online strategy specialists we have so far effectively conducted diverse campaigns with above par results.

Opinions of Industry Gurus, Exclusive Reviews Covering Different Campaigns and Articles

Exclusively for Advertisers

We offer marketing solutions to advertiser to launch products and services online in a way that can garner maximum attention. Multiple approaches include advertorial articles, online brochures, indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns and creation of videos.