Photographire Sets Free Workshop in Lahore for Amateur Photographers

The biggest workshop for professional and non-professional photographers is here in Lahore.  Photographire brings to you a photography workshop for external attendees who will be selected through an online competition. What do you need to do for attending this workshop? Send in an unedited image to us on email and we’d asses the image on few grounds. We’d asses your image on the number of likes you get as well as assessment shall be carried out by our panel of judges.

There will be 12-15 slots which will be attended by photographers with highest points. Our guest speakers include Faran Tanveer, who remains to be a big name around the Lahore based photography circle. Faran has a successful startup of his own and has done miracles with the camera. Our second guest speaker for the workshop will be Sarah Ansari, a NUST graduate. Sarah was director Media at the famous NUST Olympiad. Sarah remains to be a maestro with the camera and Photographire is pleased to have her on-board for the workshop.

We plan to have an intensive learning based session with the attendees who’d learn the ins and outs of photography. Send in your pictures at Start sending in your work before it’s too late!


Workshops tentative date: 24th August, 2016

Location: 45A XX DHA Phase 3, Lahore.

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