4 Best Usage of Banana Peel

Everyone one of us knows about that banana is beneficial for human body, but a few people know about the best usage of banana peels. So, let’s tell you to utilize the best four usage of the banana peel.

1. Shoe Polish: Banana peel is the best for shoe polish: to take and rub it on dull and stain, which backs the shine.

2. Bug Bites: Banana peel is the great remedy of irritation or itching caused by bugs bite. Just, gently rub the peel on the spot and get relief.

3. Cure Wrinkles: Banana peel helps to reduce the wrinkles on skin, because it consists of antioxidants.

4. Root-out Warts: Banana peel is the best cure for warts; simply, attach the peel with bandage on wart spot, within weeks it will drop and gives result.

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