4 Times Eatoye Understood The Introvert Foodie In You!

Islamabad: There is no contempt in being called the dead animal that lays sprawled all weekend on a grimy couch -Especially, when you are evenly called upon to fine tune your life instead of the channels on TV.

Such is the disposition of a foodie who solemnly believes that no other intimacy is worthy enough than that which is developed with food. No friendship is bound to go long unless it involves eating Biryani with Raita or a sultry steak dinner date with yourself.

Since this unique breed of foodies is found in every home, EatOye www.eatoye.pk/declares its support and presents four emergency situations where thiscape less hero comes to rescue.

1.      Dress Up, Get Up & Show Up

An invitation to Phuppokibetikishadi sucks the blood out of you. School reunion invitation is nothing more than a reminder that you never needed an Invisibility Cloak.  And you can’t help but wonder at what point in history did human beings lose the pleasure of tranquility and self-sufficiency? We can’t answer that but EatOye understands is sure to help you find an escapade to freedom with exquisite meals within reach of a few clicks.

2.      Joey Does Not Share Food!

Mind you, Joey may have amazing friends but he made sure the relationship with his food is not contaminated by other people’s presence. EatOye knows you think and feel the same way. So they made sure that your single serving meal fantasies are powered up with plenty of single person food deals (with discounts, of course). Now you can sit and eat in peace without anyone hovering over your head for a pick at those French fries!

3.      Calling All Tv Nerds

From binge-watching Masterchef to flipping through local cooking channels, you apparently are a know-it-all when it comes to finding ZubaidaAapaki recipes online. But who in their right mind would step into the kitchen to prepare when someone else can do it for them? That is why EatOye has more than a thousand restaurants on its list to make sure your foodie reveries are perfect and undisturbed.

 4.      Dining out?

Public places are a no go. Would you really wish to see the table next to you order a sea food platter only to find that the prawns were well done into rubber bullets? No thanks. EatOye has restaurant reviews up and active on their website to help you decide the bestsellers. From 5 star eateries to not so popular among the foodie clan, they have got everything covered.

Did we mention that they have a mobile app too? Download it today and keep yourself well flanked against the noisy human interaction. Chop, chop!


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