7 Unique Restaurants Around The World

1. Ice Restaurant (Dubai). The Dubai Ice restaurant stands out with its outstanding ice ambience. Items such as benches, chairs, plates and even the ice bar is perfectly designed and sculpted from ice. The ice cold (literally) restaurant is luxurious and beautiful. To make sure the ice doesn’t melt, the restaurant has hired resources from Canada-based Iceculture Inc.

2. A380 Sky Kitchen (Taiwan). The A380 In-Flight Kitchen in Taiwan is designed as a Jet Air Plane. When eating here, it feels like you are sitting on a flight and having a delicious meal. The interesting flight experience restaurant also has baggage compartments, blue seats and flight attendants at your service.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives). Ithaa is located 5 meters below sea level at the Hilton Maldives Resort. It is the world’s first undersea restaurant that offers plenty of culinary options and a perfect surrounding of transparent acrylic tunnel. Initially, one might feel a little terrified with fish swimming around while eating, but I can guarantee you the restaurants beauty will captivate you and get rid of the fear in a short time!

4. Dinner in the Sky (multiple locations). Dinner in the sky is especially unique because the table and chairs are suspended at a height of 50 meters above the ground. The hotel is designed by professionals, and carefully placed as customer safety is a top priority. Once everyone is seated (on ground) the restaurant flies up, and once in the air you can eat and enjoy your meal!

5. Yellow Tree House, New Zealand. Thanks to the Yellow Tree House restaurant, all fantasies about eating in a tree house come true. The ravishing restaurant is built around a redwood tree forest in New Zealand. The place was designed specifically as a part of the marketing campaign of area’s yellow pages, but is now available for private parties only.

6. Hajime Restaurant, Bangkok. Hajime Restaurant in Bangkok is a robot-run restaurant. The owners have invested millions of dollars in purchasing and retaining those adorable Autobots. They roam around you, entertain you, and serve you the delectable Japanese delicacies.

7. The Rock Zanzibar, Tanzania. The restaurant is situated on a rock in Tanzania. It is considered as an extremely beautiful and calm eating experience, where you get served with mouth watering food in the middle of the sea and on top of a rock.

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