A British-Pakistani Team Launches an App That Helps In Sharing Moments With Privacy

A British- Pakistani man decided to change the traditional social media to a safer environment. This app allows children and adults to enjoy a private space in the virtual world. The ‘Momentpin’ app is out to change the course of social media forever.

The app is to reduce the security breaches that social media causes. It is the solution to the lack of online privacy. Momentpin does not allow you to be private, it is private. The app allows people of all generations to connect across the globe in a secure manner.

Nabeel Sheikh, the founder of Momentpin, works with a global team of technical experts. This idea first came up in 2011 when he saw what a rage social media was and what disadvantages it was bringing.

‘I was scared. As a father, I felt that I had opened the door to my house for every stranger. With Momentpin fathers like me can have a sense of privacy for their children.’ Says Sheikh

The Momentpin allows people to have their account shared to only people that they trust. Additionally, it allows parents to create a child account for their baby. This feature grows with time until the account is handed over to the child at the appropriate age.

‘The Momentpin app keeps you safe in all ways. Your data is not shared with strangers, and only you own it.’ Says Nabeel.

The Momentpin app is available to download on the Google Play store and Apple Store.

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