‘A Mediterranean Dream’ By Farah Talib Aziz & Lakhany Silk Mills Set To Launch Nationwide On 5th September

Lahore: Lakhany Silk Mills and fashion designer Farah Talib Aziz are set to launch their latest Mid-Summer 2015 collection ‘A Mediterranean Dream’ at leading retailers nationwide on 5th September following an exclusive meet and greet for media and guests in Lahore at Veranda Bistro. The collection featuring seven designs, each in two colourway’s is now available for worldwide delivery via www.sticherry.com.

‘A Mediterranean Dream’ is inspired by the confidence and passion radiating from the Mediterranean women who exude a particular European charm alongside the grace of the classical Ottoman Empire. It is an ode to women of the region: reflective of the cerulean blue seas, the soft hues of the mesmerizing architecture of Mediterranean and the deep attraction of the Oleander flower.


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