Abbtak TV Raid Show Goes Viral On Social Media

sana faisalRaid programs on Pakistani TV channels have become a tool for rating and gaining attraction. ‘Khufia’ is a similar show aired on Abbtak TV channel.

Recently a video from the program of Sana Faisal was leaked and is going viral on social media. The video shows how the TV crew raided a house which they claimed was a ‘guest house’. They violated the boundaries of house, filmed their family members & daughters and accused them of doing unethical services.

The crew of Abbtak team themselves opened a shopper of bullets in a drawer and then recovered them accusing the family. They also claimed that they recovered hidden camera and alcohol from the house, which the team themselves put there.

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Previously PEMRA issued notices banning all TV channels from not-airing raid based programmes because they violated the privacy of the people. But it seems that no action from PEMRA was perceived as a permission by these channels.

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