Advocate Faiz Syed Explains When Ghusal Becomes Wajib

Advocate Faiz Syed explains the topic of Ghusal and explained when it is obligatory and Wajib to have ghusal on men and women.

He said that ghusal becomes wajib and necessary on both man and woman when husband and wife had intercourse but it doesn’t matter whether there had been any ejaculation or not, the intercourse itself makes ghusal an obligation even if without ejaculation.

It also becomes wajib if men had ejaculation after having wet dream, but it should be remembered that there is no need for ghusal if there had been no ejaculation.

Women had to have ghusal if they go through their menstrual cycle which is commonly knows as period cycle, which may consists of few days or more than one week.

Advocate Faiz also mentioned that saying that this is a punishment from Allah to women is baseless rather this is a process from which blood is transferred to baby in mother’s womb.

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