Ali Azmat Leaked Video Goes Viral on Umair Jaswal Singing

Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal

Superstar Singer Ali Azmat’s leaked video has gone viral on social media in which he is criticizing singer Umair Jaswal. In this video, Ali Azmat said that you can’t become singer by shouting; you have to sing properly and continuously.

Commenting on Jaswal’s song Sami Meri Waar, Ali Azmat said that it’s not his (Jaswal) own song and he just made some modifications.

Umair Jaswal replied to Ali Azmat in his video and said that you are entitled to your opinion but you can’t force it to anyone. You should come in future and be relevant, Jaswal said.

Ali Azmat criticized Umair Jaswal in positive manner but many Jaswal’s fans take it too seriously.

Watch both videos and don’t forget to share your opinion in below comment box.

Umair Jaswal Reply


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