Allama Iqbal International Airport: PIA Staff Careless & Rude!

So today, at 7 in the morning, I was at Allama Iqbal airport, going back to Karachi after my graduation, when I was stopped at the PIA check-in counter due excess luggage. We were a total of 4people with 8 bags, and were very ‘rudely’ told to pay an amount of 14,000.

I requested the woman who was being called the head in charge, whose name I couldn’t get, for about 20 minutes ,being a student she gave me 50% discount but as soon as she left,this man,shown in the picture, started misbehaving and even raised his voice at my mother, and refused to check-in the two bags that were compensated earlier,for flight that was further delayed. He even said “Apne jana hai tou Pease dene parainge”. And when 2/3 people tried to help us as they weren’t carrying much luggage,they were pulled aside by this very same guy and the woman calling herself the head in charge,and told to mind their own business.

I have travelled back and forth in these last 4 years a LOT, and am experiencing this kind of unprofessional behaviour for the 2nd time, from the same airline. No matter how much of a stand I took, living in the society that we do, not having my dad with us at the moment did make a huge difference. I,for one,would never want to travel with such an unprofessional airline again.
I do not hope for a lot to come from this, but I request all those who read this to share and spread this as much as possible.
Thank You.

By Kehkashan Shafqat


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