Awami Show Achieves 20 Million Views

Awami Show Achieves 20 Million Views

Karachi, Pakistan: Awami Show proudly announces the accomplishment of a remarkable milestone with an impressive total of 20 million views on their engaging videos across various social media platforms.

This significant achievement highlights Awami Show’s dedication to entertaining and educating audiences on crucial social, political, and cultural matters.

“We created Awami Show to address important questions about society, culture, and politics. We want to make people think and talk about these topics. But we don’t want it to be too serious or boring, so we make it fun and easy to understand. We want everyone to be able to enjoy and join the conversation,”
says Mubashir Mahmood, Co-Founder at Awami Show.

Awami Show has achieved success by skillfully addressing important subjects using a combination of humor, easy-to-understand language, and thoughtful comments. The show engages viewers in meaningful conversations about topics ranging from politics to everyday life.

“We create an environment that encourages open conversations and increases awareness. As a result, we have built a devoted and expanding audience who actively engage in discussions sparked by our content,”
add Nouman Younas and Umer Butt, Co-Founders at Awami Show.

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About Awami Show:
Awami Show was founded in the summer of 2022 by three mediapreneurs, Mubashir Mehmood, Nouman Younas, and Umer Butt. With its diverse range of captivating content and casual approach, Awami Show continues to captivate audiences and builds a loyal fanbase.


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