Award-winning Actor Mohib Mirza to play Pakistani taxi driver ‘Vicky’ in Mauritius based feature film Bachaana – A NASIR KHAN FILM

Lahore: Award-winning actor Mohib Mirza is set to hit silver-screens across Pakistan and India as ‘Vicky’ in Nasir Khan’s romantic thriller, Bachaana in a brand new avatar. The character of Vicky is a departure from the actor’s previous work, having garnered significant acclaim for his comedic and action oriented roles in the past.

Mohib Mirza has said: Media Punch: “Working on an Indo/Pak themed script like Baachana has been an incredible experience. The time has come to translate our small screen successes to the silver screen”.

On the Film: “Bachaana is everything that a pure commercial romantic comedy film is meant to be. It’s got entertaining comedy, nail-biting crises and heart- touching romance for the audience to stay gripped. Topped with the scenic landscape and beautiful beaches of Mauritius, Bachaana delivers a larger-than-life cinematic entertainment that my viewers have eagerly been waiting for.”

On the Role: “The character I play in Bachaana has been the most entertaining one in my career so far. It was beautiful driving through the exotic island. Acting and being shot in such an environment certainly excited me. But apart from all the fun and performance, the role also demanded strenuous prepping. I underwent physical training and practiced sprinting before the shoot started. I worked with the team for weeks together in finalizing the character’s look, hairstyle, accent, gestures, wardrobe and the minutest of details that would give life to it. It was heartening to see the team enjoy my spontaneity and improvisations for the role.”

On the Project: “From its central idea to scripting, dialogues to screenplay, locations to direction and casting to acting; Bachaana was nothing short of being an absolutely grand and immensely professional project. It is very seldom that you see the energy and synchronicity across the team as we all had. Everyone came very well prepared on the set; script was rehearsed, we barely needed prompting and the shoot flew superbly smooth. Despite being shot beyond borders of India and Pakistan in Mauritius, a joint crew from both the countries seamlessly wrapped the project within the exact committed time.”

Bachaana is the first feature film of Nasir Khan as a director, who has gained prominence for his work presented at the Mumbai International Film Festival for his documentary Made in Pakistan. With cast and crew from both Pakistan and India, making acquaintance with each other for the first time on the set, the film has truly captures cross-boundary relations on and off screen. Filmed in Mauritius, the production team conducted the largest talent hunt to find actors in the neutral landscape. With eye-catching scenery, music composed by top Pakistani talent, and a new-take on Indo-Pak relations, the movie is set to cause a stir.

Bachaana is a journey of a sweet and bubbly Indian girl, Aalia, played by Sanam Saeed, who undergoes a series of unfortunate events and is forced to place her faith in a man she hardly knows. That man, Vicky (Mohib Mirza) is a Pakistani driving a taxi in Mauritius. Bachaana follows the couple’s adventurous journey of love.

Produced by Rizwan Saeed, well-known locally and internationally for his technical achievements in film production, Bachaana is one of the most technologically shot films in Pakistan and India.


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