Bad Governance of PMLN in the Past Three Years Exposed

Kashif Abbasi exposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statements that Pakistan is developing under PMLN government.

When PPP came into Government Pakistan was under debt of 6,000 billion, when PPP left government was under debt of 14,000 billion, and in 3 years of government PMLN increased the loan to 21,000 billion.

Each Pakistani was under debt of Rs. 40,000, at the end of PPP government each Pakistani was under debt of Rs. 80,000 and now in just three years each Pakistani is under debt of Rs. 120,000.

The Exports also decreased during the three years of Nawaz Sharif government and many factories were closed because of electricity shortage. The Islamabad Metro Bus service is the most expensive metro in the world, revealed Kashif Abbasi in his show.

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