Benefits of Pomegranates On Our Health

pomogrenatePomegranate is one of the few fruits that is so amazing in taste and health benefits that it should not be ignored. It makes you healthier, more beautiful and even protects you from many diseases.

It minimizes the risk of heart attacks, treats high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol level in your body, relieves stress and is also beneficial for inflammation. These benefits are because of the ingredients that are found in pomegranate.

One small pomegranate or half cup of pomegranate seeds contains 72 calories which includes:

  • 20% of Vitamin K daily requirement
  • 15% O Vitamin C daily requirement
  • 6% of Potassium daily requirement
  • 8% Folate daily requirement

It also contains fiber, good fat, proteins, carbohydrates and phosphorus.


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