Bestway Cement recognised for environmental stewardship and social responsibility

Karachi: Bestway Cement and its subsidiary, Pakcem have once again been recognised for environmental stewardship and social responsibility efforts in Pakistan. At the 5th Corporate Social Responsibility Awards Summit on 11 February, Bestway Cement and Pakcem won three awards in the categories of Green/Environmental Stewardship, Education/Scholarship Programme and Employee Volunteer Programme.

The participants of the awards were the leading local and multinational firms of Pakistan who are at the helm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in Pakistan. The awards are yet another milestone for Bestway Cement and a testament of its endeavours to strengthen lives.

Organised by The Professionals Network, in collaboration with School of Leadership the CSR Awards are an annual affair thatrecognisebest practices and excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility in sustainable business. The coveted awards aim to showcase innovative corporate initiatives which are part of a comprehensive sustainable strategy and address the most pressing environmental and social challenges. The finalists are selected by an independent jury who evaluate the participants on their performance in the past and their ongoing projects in the CSR realm.

Through its green energy initiatives such as the installation of waste heat recovery power plants, Bestway recognises the importance of minimising environmental externalities. These waste heat recovery power plants not only reduce Bestway’s reliance on national grid, but also help in alleviating the country’s power crisis to a certain extent and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bestway plays an active part in the socio-economic development of local communities such as improving access to health services and education, taking part in urban development and environmental conservation programs, and helping create businesses and jobs.

Since its inception in 2013, the Employee Volunteer Programme has partnered with government and private institutions to reach out to thousands of children and academic staff, promoting education on health and safety.”Bestway’s commitment toward the community is deeply rooted in the company’s purpose to build on strength. Over the years our socially responsible programmes have helped build up lives of Pakistanis,” said Irfan Sheikh, CFO & Director Finance Bestway Cement and Pakcem. “Bestway has contributed nearly Rs100million to date through programmes in the field of education, health and hygiene awareness. We remain devoted to strengthening lives be it through our products or our sustainability efforts.”


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