Cameras Through the Ages

In today’s day and age cameras are no longer the luxury that they used to be. From taking screenshots, selfies or normal pictures, cameras have been made more accessible. Let’s explore the timeline of these devices!

1. Camera Obscura

Created in 1500, it has been monumental in the development of photography.

2. Daguerreotype Camera

Announced in 1839, to be the first publically used photographing process.

3. The Megaskop

In 1844, the first device created to take a panoramic image.

4. Kodak Brownie

Created in 1900 for the purpose of lower-cost photography, and led to the snapshot.

5. The Raise Camera

Discovered in 1900, the first lightweight and portable camera.

6. The Leica 1

Created in 1925, the first portable camera to use 35mm film.

7. The Duaflex

In 1947, the first compact SLR with adapted eye level viewfinder.

8. Polaroid Model 95

In 1947, led to the invention of Polaroid photography.

9. The Kodak Digital Camera

Created in 1975, it recorded black and white images on a cassette tape.

10. The Quicksnap

Invented in 1986 by Fuji, the first disposable camera.

11. Kodak DCS SLR

In 1991, it was the first professional digital camera on sale.

12. Sharp J-Sho4 The first camera phone. Making travelling easier than ever!

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