Capture What You See, Huawei P8 Seizes Real life moments

Lahore: While going on a picnic with family or on a party with friends, Huawei P8 is the one spot gadget to carry with you because this feature loaded Smartphone would make sure that you don’t miss any single memory. With the manual operation shutter function, more fun elements have been added to the rear camera of the HuaweiP8, making it a tool for creativity among young people. For example, when shooting a moving Ferris wheel at night, you can sketch the overall light track and even a person’s outline in the darkness with a flashlight.

 With a single-lens reflex camera in the shutter closing mode, a Picture with water flowing effect and of an oil painting level can be shot. However, the camera is so heavy that it can only be placed on a tripod and still can’t avoidsignificant shake.

What’s more, it is hard to shoot at any time and any place with a tripod, but a phone like the HuaweiP8 with an “Anti-shake feature”can get the job done. Although there may be unavoidable shaking while filming with a phone in hand, this movement can be mitigated within a certain scope.

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