Carmudi Partnered with Khpal Kor Foundation

Lahore: As per its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Carmudi partnered with the Khpal Kor Foundation, and has emerged as a staunch supporter of its quest to eradicate poverty and illiteracy from Pakistan. Carmudi Paksitan will be donating to the Foundation and collaborating with them in the coming future in order to support the cause. The Khpal Kor Foundation aims to provide orphans the opportunities that would empower them to become great individuals and beneficial residents.

Carmudi Pakistan has partnered successfully in the past with prestigious NGOs including Read Foundation, Hope Uplift Foundation, Roshni Homes, LUMUN, Care Foundation, The Little Art, RABT, PAKHPWS ( Pakistan Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society), Bedari ( working with women and girls for the promotion and protection of their human rights.)

KKF since 1998, has been striving to enable the underprivileged children of the country through the provision of social and public services. The foundation achieves its objectives through identifying the needful children in the society and providing them with the basic necessities of life. Starting with only five children, the orphanage soon grew in capacity to hold thousands of young residents providing them with rooms, board and quality education.

Apart from protecting child rights, KKF volunteers are also there to provide services to the victims of natural or man-made calamity. In previous tragedies KKF assisted the victims with money grants, food packages, bedding kits, medical facilities and all the other means to recover. KKF was successful in doing so with the help of Medicins sans Frontiers (MSF), UNISEF and other NGO’s. KKF plays a huge role in identifying, arranging and organizing the facilities aiding to rebuild the society.

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