Chai Wala Gives Clarification on Propaganda

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Chai Wala karachi bannerI am the owner of Chai Wala (anyone else claiming to be is falsely trying to slander our name without holding any association with us). Below is my sincerest message for all those concerned by the blatantly false coverage by a Media Channel for which we will be pursuing legal recourse:

Dear Chaiwala Patrons,

It has come to my attention that certain individuals are cooking up a conspiracy against us that is not tasty at all. So I figured that an explanation from my end is needed.

All this started one fine day when a lady claimed she had found a strange leg bone piece of a chicken in her paratha. When she made the claim, we waived her bill and apologized even though there was no evidence that the bone was found from inside the paratha. As you know, in the restaurant business the customer is always right!

Unexpectedly, our graceful customer made her way to several online food groups and our Facebook timeline and claimed that it was…. *gasp* a rat’s claw she had found.

Now I can swear by the lazzat of our nutella paratha and elaichi chai that there may be a lot of things in our kitchen but a rat is certainly not one of them. We have always been super careful of our quality and hygiene standards and source our ingredients from the most premium suppliers. So negligence of this level is impossible. I myself frequently inspect our kitchen personally and my family regularly eat all our products including all the meat parathas.

Sadly, the lady who posted the claim has not responded to our messages yet. But a certain media channel has picked up this false statement and is defaming our brand. This highly credible investigative journalism deserves a round of applause and we will certainly be taking action against whoever is involved in spreading these lies.

But for now, our main concern is you. Yes, you, who has taken the time out to read this. You who care enough to check our side of the story before slandering us. So here is an open invitation for anyone who wishes to accept it: Come to our outlet and take a tour of our kitchen to see for yourself why the Chaiwala brand is most loved by chai lovers from all over Karachi. I can tell you that the Assistant Commissioner after hearing this news also paid us a visit tonight and has given our kitchen the all clear for health and hygiene standards. This includes all our ingredients.

Unfortunately I am currently travelling overseas in Vietnam on a family vacation, having left just a few days ago. So I’m sure you can imagine my shock at hearing this false news being spread during my absence! I will be present however at Chai Wala from the 2nd of April onwards to address all your concerns in person. If you have any concerns that you would like to raise till then please feel free to contact me directly on my personal fb profile and I will make sure to get back to you.

Lastly, to all Chaiwala patrons I say ‘Peeyo, Magar Pyar Se’ and to the rest…. ‘Mehnat Kar, Hasad Na Kar’

With love,

Aized Suharwardy on behalf of Chai Wala.


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