China Is Pakistan Major Trading Partner

Federal Minister for Commerce Engineer Khurram Dastaghir Khan said recently that China and Pakistan are major partners with volume of trade.  Both countries are source of business stability for each other. According to the All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) China and Pakistan business volume was more than 12.299 Billion USD in 2014 and 2015.

Khurram Dastaghir said that the future of Pakistan lies in political stability and economic stability and this will strengthen more in relationship with China.

Head of Chinese delegation Ambassador Sha Zukhang told that China and Pakistan should strong their business relationship. It will have a positive impact on Pakistan China trade.

He said that that Pakistan is making a new economic zone for foreign investors. That’s why business and investment activities are going very fast between China and Pakistan.

The Chinese delegation was briefed about investment opportunities and potential in various sectors of the country. This statement was issued by Pakistan Business Council.

The Chairman of Pakistan Business Council Bashir Ali Muhammad has said that this relationship covers different areas include industry, economic, energy, trade and investment. It will create more employment opportunities in Pakistan.

By Talha Pasha






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