Constant Rise in Huawei phone prices, to hit the middle-high end market

Lahore June 18, 2015 Huawei another P series mobile is available in market know by the name of P8. Two years ago, Huawei launched P6. It is P6 that help Huawei get rid of cost competition in low end market and create higher brand image than before. Total sales of P6 finally reach 5 million pieces at 449 euro. Afterwards, P7 and Mate7 keep following this trend on price and sales. Especially Mate7 makes a rare case that the market price was higher than official price.

Compared to the doubt from both outside and inside, Huawei’s launch of P6, the launch event of P8 is more natural. Compared to total sales of 6 million pieces on P6, ‘P8 will get better sales’, said Huawei Device Director Pakistan Mr. Fanhong Bruce.

The price of latest launched P8 standard version and high version are 599 euro. The price of P8 is still unknown for Pakistan market. Normally, they will be lower than global price.

Currently, Huawei is making breakthrough the high-end market between these two brands (Samsung and Apple), and is one of fewest brands who can simultaneously hold prices and large-scale shipments of mobile phone manufacturers on this section.

Accordingly, after two decades of global campaign, Huawei is the largest global telecommunications system equipment manufacturer in the market, the market share is more than Ericsson, Nokia, and Alcatel-Lucent.

The difficulties of transition were obvious, no low-end market, but high-end market was difficult to make a sudden increasing. Huawei Smartphone finally used the results to speak for them. 2014, Huawei’s Smartphone shipments reached 75 million units, sales revenue reached $ 12.2 billion, in overseas markets accounted for 52% of revenue, more than 2000 RMB sales of high-end machines and the overall proportion of 18%. 2015, Huawei planning these four indicators are: 100 million units, $ 16 billion, 60% and 30%.

Specific to the just-released P8, in highly homogeneous Android phone market, there is still a lot of difference between.

For example, knuckles screenshots. Huawei said in the use of cutting-edge touch screen technology, on the screen by double-tapping the screen gently with a finger in any joint, you can then cut in full-screen; when you punctuate the screen with your finger joints freely, with “the circle WYSIWYG”, you can easily cut out the contents of any screen shots you want.

As another example, when the user cannot find the phone, the user can wake up through the preset voice phone. It involves the use of voice technology. Also call the phone book when roaming; it can automatically identify the number or the country of departure roaming number (more than 95% recognition accuracy).

This functional differentiation requires technology and R&D investment, and attention to solve the user pain points based user experience. Glory Zhang said, “Even if some features borrowed by peers, no difference, it does not matter, Huawei will be characterized by continuous innovation.”


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