Cooperative Housing Scheme, Sector G-16, Islamabad & Neelam Colony, Karachi


Cooperative Housing Scheme, Sector G-16 Islamabad. Cooperative Housing Scheme was established in 2009. It is a small residential enclave where development work is underway. Approximately 10% is built-up; property is in moderate demand. What is nearby: Sector G-15 is 10-minute drive away.

Boundaries: Vacant land (north), Jammu Kashmir Housing Scheme (east), Motorway Chowk (south) and Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (west). Proposed utilities include:electricity, gas, sewerage, telephones and water. Proposed amenities include: Commercial areas, mosques,parks and schools.
Nearby recreational avenues include: Centaurus Mall.

By Minahil Ali Raja. Information provided by Tariq Khan & Sons, Islamabad.


Neelam Colony, Karachi. Overview: Established nearly 25 years ago, Neelam Colony (known as E Street) is commercial area located in Phase V, DHA. Several hardware shops (dealing in paint, plumbing and electrical supplies), tailoring shops and auto repair workshops have a presence there. Commercial property options include office space, retail space and standalone shops. Almost 90% is built-up; property is in high demand.

What is nearby: 26th Street and Tauheed Commercial Area  are less than a minute’s drive away.
Boundaries; Zamzama Boulevard (north), Khayanban-Shujaat (east), 26th Street (south) and Old Clifton (west). Available utilities include: Electricity, gas, sewerage, telephones and water.

Nearby amenities include: Educational institutions, fuel stations, mosques and parks. Nearby eateries include: Biryani Center and Tikka Inn.  Nearby recreational avenues Include: Dolmen Mall and Zamzama Park.

By Uzma Nawaz.Information provided by Citi Associates.



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