Dawlance Introduces Inverter Savings Calculator Facebook Application‏

Saving in any form is a blessing, it helps us in gathering money to buy the things that we desire. Budgeting ones expenses is always a major pain which can lead to the feeling of being broke, the regular expenses that we bear consist of bills of different utilities and the major chunk of the budget is allocated to electricity bill.

Keeping in mind the rising prices of electricity, Dawlance has introduced an app on their official Facebook page which helps its customers determine approximately how much money they can save by using the new Dawlance inverter series appliances. Here is a glimpse of the app:

As we can see from the screen shots, users can select the number of air conditioners and refrigerators that they own and input the number of hours of usage to see their current expected electricity bill, and then see how much money they can save by using inverter technology products. You can click here to visit the app and calculate the savings for your household, happy savings!


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