Dawlance Launches Insect and Mosquito Repellent Series

Karachi: Dawlance, Pakistan’s number one home appliances brand, launched refrigerators and air conditioners that are designed to repel insects and mosquitoes, respectively. The appliances are part of the brand’s Health Zone Plus line of products that are specifically designed to cater to health-conscious consumers.

The launch event at a local hotel featured a mini-play, whereby insects and mosquitoes staged a dharna to mark their protest against appliances that would impact their lives. The Health Zone Plus appliances offer additional features compared to the existing Health Zone products that Dawlance initially introduced in 2010.

Hasan Jameel, General Manager of Marketing at Dawlance, said, “Insects and mosquitoes pose numerous health risks for people as they carry potentially fatal diseases such as dengue and malaria. Thus we are happy to be able to provide solutions to customers who can use our appliances as another mode of protection from bugs and to lead a healthier lifestyle in general.”

The air conditioners are equipped with a special chemical-free mosquito repellent technology, are odour-free and require no special maintenance.

Ms. Sahrish Rehan, Category Head for Air conditioners, Dawlance, said “Health Zone Plus ACs’ mosquito repellent technology ensures a peaceful night’s sleep for people so that in turn they can manage their active lifestyle.”

The series of refrigerators’ state-of-the-art features are unique and designed to complement a healthy lifestyle. The insect-repellant yet chemical-free technology repels bugs near the refrigerator without impacting humans in order to protect the environment from germs spread by insects.

An additional feature is the built-in “Health Light” that prevents multiplication of bacteria which keeps food, especially vegetable and fruits, to stay fresh for longer periods. These refrigerators are available in glass door exterior in three different colors. The interior of the refrigerators have glass shelves that are able to hold up to 100 kg weight.

Ali Wahid, Category Head for Refrigerators, Dawlance said, “H-Zone Plus refrigerators enable the modern home makers to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and provide the same for their families. Dawlance aims to empower its consumers by coming up with new technologies keeping in mind their lifestyle changes and the H-Zone Plus refrigerator is another example of the company’s innovative mindset.”


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