Dawlance’s New Refrigerators Promise Much Longer Food-Preservation

Dawlance’s New Refrigerators Promise Much Longer Food-Preservation

As the lifestyles in every household are becoming busier, food-preservation is now a necessity. The consumers are becoming more aware of socio-economic conditions and the concept of food-security, hence taking conscious measures to reduce food-wastage. Modern technology is enabling longer preservation of food and better daily nutrition for the masses, along with conservation of energy and other valuable resources, to ensure sustainability and a safer environment.

Proactively recognising these evolving needs of the society, the leading manufacturer of innovative home-appliances – Dawlance has created 3 new series’ of refrigerators that promise revolutionary technologies for food-preservation, along with numerous other sophisticated functions. “Innovation Inspired by nature” is the combined slogan for these new refrigerator models.

Among these new Dawlance refrigerators, the ‘Nature Lock Technology Series’ promises to keep food-fresh for up to 20 days. Enriched with IOT Connectivity, WIFI control and the ‘SYNC’ feature, this model can also be operated from anywhere in the world. The ‘Vitamin-Fresh Technology Series’ preserves vitamin A and C for longer durations. Similarly, the ‘Hybrid Cooling Technology Series’ has the ability to retain cooling, even if it is turned off for 6 days, while it does not need a voltage-stabilizer.

With these 3 new series of refrigerators, Dawlance is the first-ever brand to introduce an ‘Advanced Inverter Technology’, that saves up to 55% of energy. The ‘Optimized-Fan along with an Odour-Filter, for homogenous airflow inside the compartment keep the food fresh for longer, with purified air, while eliminating unpleasant smell. Dawlance’s new 5-Way Cooling System enables 30% faster cooling, while conserving 45% energy, with an A++ Energy Rating. Even when powered-off, these refrigerators maintain optimal cooling for longer hours, with 30% less temperature-rise which helps in minimizing food wastage which is growing concern. Most interestingly the new refrigerators have Low-Voltage Operation, to eliminate the need for a voltage-stabilizer

Dawlance enjoys great credibility as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arçelik – the largest enterprise in Turkey and the 3rd largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe. Arcelik has invested over 50 Million Euros in Dawlance, to enable more research, innovations and expansions. The highly-responsive Customer-Care services at Dawlance are enriched with multinational standards and experience, while it has a global vision to maintain the highest level of quality, safety & environmental sustainability.


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