ekaterra pledges 100 tons of tea for Flood victims in their Flood relief campaign

Karachi: Pakistan continues its relentless battle against the floods triggered by the heavy monsoon rains which have claimed 1,033 lives and injured 1,527 people.

33 million have been affected and 1 million families have been displaced, while over 218,000 houses have been destroyed, and a further 500,000 damaged.

More than 750,000 livestock, which is the most critical source of sustenance and livelihood, have died and around 2 million acres of the crop have been impacted.

On Sunday, ekaterra pledged to donate 100 tons of tea to the 1 million families displaced by the devastating floods through our NGO partners, Indus Hospital, The Citizens Foundation Al-Khidmat Foundation, and Roshan Academy.

Tea is not only a part of the staple diet in Pakistan but it’s an essential item that helps people get a sense of community. It is a ritual to have tea and sit together in open spaces, reminiscing the good times. It is our hope that our efforts give them a feeling that ‘everyone is in this together’.

“The flood devastation in Pakistan is of an unimagineable magnitude: almost 20% of the world’s 5th most populous country is submerged under water. Pakistan emits less than 1% of the greenhouse gases in the world and yet it is still reeling from the effects of intense climate change. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” we’ll all be affected for mistreating Mother Earth,” says Farheen Salman Amir, President BSPAN & GM Pakistan, ekaterra.

“ekaterra believes in giving back more than it takes from nature. We’re announcing our commitment to the flood affected by donating 100 tons of tea to 1 million displaced families, that’s 100% of the displaced families as per the latest UNHCR data.”






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