FAO World Soil Day Awareness Campaign 2017

FAO World Soil Day Awareness Campaign 2017

Karachi: The youth in Karachi under the banner of Awami Web organized  World Soil Day Awareness Campaign on 5th of December 2017. The campaign was observed in solidarity with FAO i.e. Food and Agriculture Organization of the UNO. FAO observes World Soil Day on 5th of December every year. The theme behind this year was “Caring for the Planet starts from the Ground”.

The basic message was to keep our environment safe for generations to come, it is essential to conserve natural resources like soil and water, and protect them from pollution. In the endeavor courses from Alison on Environmental Sciences are also being shared with the youth to increase their awareness and contribution.

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The chief organizer of the event “SM Waqas Imam” in a video message explained the importance of “Soil” on World Soil Day Awareness Campaign in Karachi.


A tweet by SM Waqas Imam for the propagation and awareness on the subject of World’s Soil Day:

Moreover companies should have environmental management systems in order to monitor and reduce environmental aspects so as to minimize the land contamination and soil degradation process. ISO 14001:2015 is the environmental management system globally accepted.

The event was also covered by FAO on their official FAO website. Below is a snapshot of the coverage:




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