Is At It Again – Bring The Best Deals Back!

Karachi: This year we saw the arrival of hover boards to glide you back home, launch of iPhone6s and Black Friday global madness, and yet some of the greatest things from 2015 are about to happen! Get in line to live through all the glorious food moments with the biggest online event of the year. is going to make sure that the year ends lip smackingly for all the foodies of Pakistan and so what we are about to tell you is no joke!

Prepare yourself to be drifted back in nostalgic foodie memory lane since the foodie geniuses at your favorite mobile and online food ordering platform, are busily crafting a one week celebration of your most loved food opportunities from 2015, as foodpanda customers!

An excited brain, Omair Bakhsh, Brand Manager shares exactly what he believes you should anticipate from Bestof2015: “2015 is at the brink of its end and foodpanda is rushing towards you with the promise it delivered throughout the year. We deliberated, argued all the while, thinking what year end treat we should give to all the foodies out there and eventually sorted out a no-nonsense list of deals and discounts that you loved throughout the year. We are bringing the best back for you, as a reminder why foodpanda has always been the first choice platform for online food ordering.”

#Bestof2015 week is heading to your city next week, starting from 14th December to 20th December, an early celebration to New Year’s Eve and recount of the greatest ever deals and discounts offered via mobile app and web portal.

Just to get you going on with the excitement, here’s a glimpse into what blast from the past is hitting us again.

Disclaimer: If you uncontrollably begin to crave on these delicious reminders, we suggest you speak to foodpanda on Facebook or Twitter at once and register your excitement for the #Bestof2015 festive!

1. When you were WOW-ed by KFC

KFC’s amazing double WOW meals surely had us all going crazy after it. There were a number of other deals as well. Now we are impatiently waiting for to give us a surprise!

2. When your daily lunch was nothing short of Kebabs

Eternal fantasies of living off Tikkas, Seekh Kebabs, Chullo Kebabs and lots of Mutton Handi were brought to life this year with exuberant discounts on Daily Dubai. This local eatery on delivered piping hot food every time and we’re surely ready for another round of Desi eating madness!

3. When small fishes proved tastier than the bigger ones

2015 was indeed a year of variety and new food joints such as this and others surely gave us lots of reasons to browse through foodpanda menus every day. We can’t wait to see what Bestof2015 brings along!

4. When you were so close to declaring pizza your eternal love

A local pizza joint made us all a fan! While we appreciate a good helping of pizza in any shape and size, we absolutely loved the way NYP brought us unbelievable discounts throughout the year. Here’s hoping brings this best one back!

5. When you appreciated how Cinnamon could instantly make you happy

Ranging from 20% off to 50% off on the entire menu, sweet discounts on our favorite Classic rolls and Chocobons, continued to keep us happy with timely discounts. Coming week we hope these discounts make it on to the Bestof2015 carriage!


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