France Flag DP on Facebook, Why?

Why is there no need to change Your DP with “French Flag” to show solidarity with victims? There is no need to change “DP” with French flag to show solidarity with French victims, as solidarity with them can be shown with statuses of condemnation & humanly sympathy.

If we do so by changing our DPs with French flags, this will show us standing with the French govt who had been doing such Mass massacres on Big level in Muslim world. We should condemn the attack and show solidarity with the victims not with the govt.

It is highly possible that French govt used some bombers from the Muslim world or outside to further its covert agenda in the Muslim world. History has proofs recently Blair apologized for the fact that there was no WMDs in Iraq, and the reality of 9/11 WTC story has been shared by all. We should be very very careful!

By Waqas Imam

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