Ghar-e-Hira: The place From Where Islam Started

Prophet Muhammad is the last Messenger of Allah, but do you know from where the first wahi (Revelation) was made to our beloved Prophet?

Cave of Hira (Ghar-e-Hira) is the place from which Islam started. It is a small cave which is situation at a mountain, 2 KM from city of Makkah. Muhammad (Pbuh) even before being appointed as a prophet came here to remember his creator. He never worshipped an idol nor believed in them.

At the age of 40 Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was on a routine visit to Cave of Hira when Jibrail (A.S) came and asked him to Read to which Prophet replied I Cannot read, Jibrail asked the Prophet to read for three times and then the verses of Surah Iqra was revealed.

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