Global cotton production future!


Cotton is a subtropical plant that grows in very warm areas of the world. Cotton plants can grow two meter upward on field. Processing of its manufacturing depend on four stages growing, ginning, spinning and weaving. The cotton is exported from several countries but China, India, Turkey, Pakistan, USA, Australia, Greece and Brazil is the largest exporter world wide.

According to expert research scheduling for the year 2013 to 2014, top ten cotton production countries.

S. No Countries Name Cotton Production (Ton)

1 China 6,967

2 India 6,641

3 USA 2,811

4 Pakistan 2,068

5 Brazil 1,633

6 Uzbekistan 904

7 Australia 893

8 Turkey 501

9 Turkmenistan 327

10 Greece 298

Top five cotton importing countries as per year 2013, China is on  top in ranking with 11.0 million bales while turkey is at 2nd position with 4.2 million bales and USA‘s importing figure is 10,000 bales only.

S. No Countries Name Imports in Bales

1 China 11.0 million

2 Turkey 4.2 million

3 Bangladesh 3.7 million

4 Vietnam 2.9 million

5 Indonesia 2.7 million

The production of cotton 11% is expected which will be decline in upcoming year or session in Pakistan. According to International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) expiation during this year 7% productive land can not applicable for production due to this reason 9% production will reduce in international market.

16% reduction in the volume of cotton production in China, its production 5.4 million tons while 2% reduction in the volume of India’s production 6.4 million tons production is expected on the international cotton production index during this year.

Pakistan’s cotton production will reduce 11% which shows that its production will be till 2.1 million ton for the year of 2015 to 2016.

By Abdullah Noman


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