Why Guantanamo Guard Accepted Islam?

Terry Holdbrooks was 19 year old when he was sent as a guard to world most infamous & notorious prison and torture center Guantamo. Before going there he loved hard rock music, alcohol and tattoos, but it changed when he accepted Islam at the detention centre.

He converted to Islam and his prisoner become his mentor. Why he converted to Islam? What was the reason are the question people usually ask him?

He says he knew nothing about Islam except the propaganda of USA Army which showed videos of 9/11 and told them how these prisoners in Guantanamo are dangerous. But after seeing a 16 year old youngster being tortured he thought what harm can he cause?

This started a series of questions and discussions between him and the prisoners, after 6 months of discussions he accepted Islam.

He hide it from other prisoners who were already in fight with him because he treated prisoners well, and within a year he was dismissed from US Army. Now he lives as a practicicing Muslim and has changed his name to “Mustafa Abdullah”.

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