Hamdard Pays Tribute To Pakistani Legends At #HakimSaeedAwards


Hamdard Pakistan is more than a century old brand which has been Pakistan’s favourite herbal brand from many years. Hamdard Laboratories is also known around the world because of its herbal & ayurvedic remedies which is helping people from past 110 years.

This year they decided to rebrand Hamdard to connect with the newer generation of Pakistan for which they revealed their new logo and released a Qawwali paying tribute to all those legends who contributed in the development of Pakistan.

The rebranding was launched in a glorious event which was held in Mohatta Palace Karachi.

The most amazing part of the event was #HakimSaeedAwards in which awards were given to people who played vital role in making Pakistan great, reflecting their love for the nation.

People who were awarded with Hakim Saeed Awards include:

  • Masood Ahmed Barkati
  • Adib Rizvi
  • Sarfaraz Ahmed
  • Aitzaz Hasan
  • Amjad Islam Amjad
  • Anwar Maqsood
  • Madam Bushra Rehman
  • Sister Ruth Lewis
  • Attaur Rehman
  • Abdul Bari Khan

Many prominent people participated in the historic event including Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair who congratulated Hamdard Laboratories for their new start.

Hamdard Laboratories is famous because of its wide range of products such as Rooh Afza, tooth paste, Ispaghol & Joshanda. One of the most unique service of Hamdard is the health centers where experts identify the problem of the patient and suggest herbal treatment.


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