History Of Pakistan’s Industries & What Will Be It Future?

An industry is an economical activity concerned with the processing of raw material & manufacture of goods in factories. Pakistan was established in 1947. There were few working Industries.

Future said, in 1949 a loan or credits providing corporation was established by Government of Pakistan, who’s named Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation (PICIC). It provided the path to growing for investors, due to these reason 43 new units had established during 1949 to 1957 and increased GNP 23.6% in this period.

Mohtrma Benazir Bhutto murder causes huge loss to Pakistan’s history.  economy.

Recently government is doing sincerely to development of industrial sectors. Karachi is the hub of industrial sector of Pakistan. Government has control its internal situations, which will playing to growing Karachi & Pakistan and its Industrial sectors.

By Abdullah Noman






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