Huawei All Set to Snatch the High-end market from Apple and Samsung

Lahore: Huawei recently revealed its modern high-end smart phone, Mate S at IFA, Berlin. With this luxury smart phone, Huawei is certainly on its way to grab the high smart phone market and pose a tough competition for Apple and Samsung.

Mate S, Huawei’s flagship device, flaunts a pressure sensitive touch screen with a curved back design. The pressure sensitive touch screen is the feature, which is rumored to be in the upcoming iPhone, but Huawei successfully managed to become the debutant in launching this technology through Mate S.

The revolutionary screen of Mate S would allow the users to weight objects like fruits, etc on it, with the help of the pressure sensitive touch. Images can be enlarged by merely pressing down on the screen, instead of pinching the device. The Knuckle sense 2.0, updated version of the technology introduced in P8, offers versatile features in Mate S. By managing the settings, users can assign different letters to apps, and swiftly access apps by drawing the respective letters on the screen. By double tapping a screen shot can be captured, with the help of the knuckles a specific part of the image can be cut out and easily saved or shared from app to another.

 Huawei Director Devices, Mr. Fanhong Bruce said, “The Huawei Mate S redefines how we incorporate touch technology into our smartphones, breaking through the conventional way of touch screen control and ushering in new imagination for human-machine interaction. “

Mate S has been superbly packed with abundant of features which distinguish this device from the others in the market. Another extraordinary feature of this smart phone is the fingerprint scanner located on its back. According to Huawei this scanner would allow users to control different functions, for example, checking notifications on the screen or answering phone calls. 

Mate S would be available soon in the market and its price would range between 650-750 Euros. With this price, Mate S has surely got the tag of the most expensive smart phone launched by Huawei till date.

This technology giant has also outshone Microsoft this year and grabbed the spot of the third largest mobile phone vendor in the world. According to a research firm IDC, in the second quarter of 2015, Huawei’s shipments rose 48% year-on-year to 29.9 million units.

In the recent past, Huawei has successfully established itself in the smart phone market by achieving tremendous sales growth. It has introduced a variety of smart phones, ranging from low-end to high-end and it has captured the interests of customers of all ages. Analysts have remarked that Huawei has become more confident in its ability to handle the high-end smart phone players and this is quite apparent from the Mate S launch.






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