Huawei Conducts A Training Session of Dealers & Bloggers regarding Huawei P9

Lahore: Huawei has conducted training session across Pakistan nationwide and conducted special training events for bloggers and retailers in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. The purpose of the training session was to provide the best product knowledge through first hand information provided by the officials of Technology giant by themselves in meeting up with the participants. Alongside with the training session, participants were also engaged in an entertaining segment.

Huawei officials, especially Mr. Waqar Nazir (National Training Manager) and Mr. Johnny (Retail Manager), have highlighted the wonderful specs and unmatched features of newly launched, flagship smart phone Huawei P9. Participants were also involved inĀ  the session through a question answer phase in which the participants openly asked the questions about the special features of Huawei P9 and the technological innovations Huawei has incorporated in its new flagship device.

Huawei P9 amid a glorious launch event first in London, then Dubai and finally in Pakistan. The launch of this ultramodern product has generated great media market hype and in compliance of that Huawei has planned the above said training and awareness session for the dealers and the bloggers in Pakistan.

In the entertainment session bloggers were tweeting with the hash tag of #OO and the tweets were appearing on a screen installed in the hall where all the participants can see them. Apart from that there was a selfie booth installed in the hall where bloggers and retailers had a fun time while taking selfies with Huawei P9. Participants admired Huawei P9 as the best compact flagship smartphone device with perfect camera features.

During the interactive session the participants enjoyed discussion with the Huawei officials.The innovative technology approach of Huawei P9 gave the audience a new direction towards smart phone photography.

During the said training session, Rabi Pir Zada also appeared with a special performance that entertained the participants of the event. The training session was outstandingly endorsed by the participants and they were of the view that sessions like this are significant to enhance the better understanding of the products and to acquire firsthand knowledge directly from the manufacturer. Huawei has a tradition to value its customers, retailers, bloggers and employees equally. It is strongly expected that Huawei P9 will bring record business for the technology giant as already a hot response is noted on the pre-booking offer of the new flagship device and later in this training session enthusiasm was worth seeing.


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