Huawei’s Hi-Link; An Innovative Approach in the Portfolio of Internet of Things in 2016

Lahore: Leading Global technology giant, Huawei, has been innovating in the wide spectrum of technology world and also victoriously has brought various unmatched and highly reliable technology solutions, no matter which domain we look into. Like the glorious milestones achieved in the previous years in the technology world, Huawei is expected to dominate the technology arena in 2016 as well.

We have already heard much about the devices section of Huawei that it has some real good things to introduce in Pakistani market in the start of this year, but now the pulse from the IT section is also beating hearts.

IoT, more precisely Internet of Things, is a technological idea where the artificial intelligence will be on its heights, clearly sweeping Human involvement out of the equation of operations or at least making negligibly narrow. We can further elaborate it by stating that in IoT machine-to-machine interaction is enhanced and smooth to the level that these machines interact with one another and perform the functions on their own in a systematic and organized manner, of course for which they would be programmed profoundly.

Take an example, if we have IoT, to its best quality, at our home we can have a baby in the swing being monitored on the screen of smart phone, an electric kettle ready to be approached to switch on or off, washing machine in reach, or take to the other side, we could manage and monitor our security systems and gate locks easily no matter where we sit. These and wonderful ideas like incredibly awesome if we can have them in our life integrated like the other basic technological inventions. No doubt, IoT will take the life standards totally to a new level.

But so far there remained an issue that hinders this miraculous idea to be realized. And that issue is the lack of common interpretive language for the devices to make them smoothly and profoundly integrated into an internet of things. This is because of the reason that different smart devices are carrying different operative language or application manufactured by different manufacturers, of course sometime.

But Huawei has taken a giant leap in the technology universe by introducing an idea of common operative language for IoT dream realization. Hi-Link is a protocol that Huawei has worked out to tackle this profound hurdle. Hi-Link will establish or create a unified standard among the IoT enabled products thus shedding the app-base operations of each unit or element in the system of IoT separately. This is the idea that will totally revolutionize the IoT as a technological innovation. Huawei has named its High-Link protocol as “The unified Language for all gadgets”.

Hi-Link will connect the multiple IoT devices and enable a smooth communication among them without any hurdle and also it will provide the user with the operational ease through a single application for the whole internet. Another best thing about hi-link is through this the password will be synchronized and the user will not be worried about a list of passwords for the devices for his IoT system.

Huawie has also keep the security of as dire concern for the user and provided a model of 5 layered protection system with protection on cloud, chipset, devices etc. Subsequently it will be safe and secure to the best for its users.

Why we call Huawei a Global technology master? It is due to the attitude of this giant company towards the innovative development of technology on the first hand. For example Huawei has planned to make to market Hi-Link available for all the individuals and most importantly for all the companies, just like an open ecosystem, provided with open SDK to all. This will be a real innovation purely the Technology to its best. This will be how these companies able to build their own standards within the ecosystem and the term to distinguish these standards is “Hi-Link Inside”.

Technology observers especially in Pakistan are expecting the Huawei’s initiative to be successfully achieved its target. And subsequently the technology standards here in Pakistan will also be elevated in line with the developed nations. This Technology will definitely be useful in modern education school systems, in our offices, our homes and no there is long list to anticipated betterment in.

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