Importance Of Technologies In Pakistan Universities

Karachi University (KU) Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan has said that we can’t succeed in economic and education sector if we ignore the importance of technological advancement.

It is the need of time to promote modern tools of research and technology. It will open new avenues of success in sustainable of global economy.

Information Technology (IT) and internet globalization is turning world into a global village. Communication is increasing day by day through technological advancement. But we should consider and give time on different projects to increase the knowledge for the betterment of youth. So that youth can play an important role in the development of country and prosperity.

Prof Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan was addressing “Computer Competition Week 2017” which was organized by Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center. At this moment Professor Dr. Mohammad Qadri told that we are very happy that Sheikh Zayed Centre is playing an important role regarding computer awareness and standardize research methods. When students will be passing out and doing jobs in country and out of country they will create and promote a better image of Pakistan regarding studies and Islamic culture.

By Talha Pasha

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